The word ‘Teacher’ is not to be taken literally. As teachers we are more than a vessel to transmit information into the minds of our children, we are a lot more!

Our presence alone will define what it means to be alive. Our example to the class on what matters will set the standards for living. Our morals and ethics will set the benchmark for equality, acceptance and understanding and our pursuit to live life to its fullest, will allow our children to walk trail seldom walked.

Every time we make a mistake, admit it, move on and try again, demonstrates our children that’s ok to fail, no one is perfect.

Each time we help another person, push the limits or challenge the norms, the wide eyes of our students are guided towards a more empathetic existence and a better more harmonious future.

What we do with our time will define who we are. It’s important how our students see us and what legacy we leave in the minds of those in our care!

Remember that teacher from grade five who used to climb mountains at the weekend? Be her!!!

Remember your kindergarten teacher who told you that you could be anything you dreamed of? Be him!

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