Fee Structure


08h00 - 12h30  

08h00 - 12h30  

07h00 - 17h00

Half/Full Day

3 half days 

5 half days 

5 full days 

Annual Fee 

R 26 220.00 

R 34 200.00 

R 42 180.00 

Termly Fee 

R 9 200.00 

R 12 000.00 

R 14 800.00

Monthly Fee 

R 2 300.00 

R 3 000.00 

R 3 700.00

Fee Structure 2021


07h00 - 17h00  

08h00 - 12h30  

08h00 - 12h30

Half/Full Day

5 full days 

5 half days 

3 half days 

Annual Fee 

R 39 900.00 

R 31 920.00 

R 23 940.00 

Termly Fee 

R 10 500.00 

R 8 400.00 

R 6 300.00

Monthly Fee 

R 3 500.00 

R 2 800.00 

R 2 100.00

 1: School Policy Regarding Non-refundable Deposit and Application Fee

1. Applications for registration will be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee (R1500) as reflected on the application form. A refundable deposit to the value of one months fees is payable upon acceptance.
2. School fees are calculated as an annual fee. Parents are given the option of paying this fee annually, termly or monthly. Should you join during the year, the pro-rata amount will be calculated accordingly.

2: Banking Details

FNB Bank
Branch Code: 250655

Electronic Payments

– Use child’s full name as reference number

3: School Deposit and Requirements

Non-Refundable Enrolment Fee – R1 500.00, A refundable deposit to the value of two months fees is payable upon acceptance.

Annual Stationery Levy – R1 500.00

4: School Policy Regarding School Fees

1. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that fees due to the school are paid when they are due and to create a procedure to deal with instances where fees are not paid.
2. Fees Exclude: Nappies, creams and wet wipes for children not yet toilet trained
3. Fees are payable as follows: a) Monthly Fees – by EFT (by the 5th of each month) b) Termly Fees – by EFT or Credit Card, by the 1st academic day of the new term c) Annual Fees – by EFT or Credit Card, by the 1st academic day of the year. 
4. A refundable deposit to the value of one months fees is payable upon acceptance. Failure to pay fees on time places considerable and unnecessary burden on the school. We are placed under financial pressure as our ability to meet our own financial obligations is compromised.
5. Any school fees and penalties outstanding as at the 1st of December will result in the report and transfer documents being withheld until the total outstanding has been settled. (All schools require reports, transfer documents and credit checks from previous schools.) The school may also terminate the pupil’s enrolment for the following year.
6. On late collection of (aftercare) child, a PENALTY FEE of R50-00 for the first 15 minutes and then R100-00 for every 15 minutes thereafter will be levied. Please note that this is a Penalty Fee and is not part of the School Fees, but will be invoiced with the month’s school fees, payable by the 5th of the following month.
7. This is a legal and binding contract between us, the parents, and Different Strokes Montessori, the school will be entitled to instruct its attorneys to attend to the collection of outstanding accounts and the parents will be liable for the payment of all costs incurred, on the scale as between attorney and own client, including collection fees. In the event of action instituted the parent’s consent to the Magistrate’s Court jurisdiction.
8. We choose as our domicilium citandi et executandi (physical address) for all purposes, including the giving of any notice required or permitted hereunder and any proceedings which may be instituted by virtue hereof, at our Residential Address, Email Address, and Postal Address as stated in the Parent’s Particulars (Section 7) of the Application for Admission.
9. By enrolling your child at Different Strokes Montessori, we agree that this Policy will form part of the agreement between us, the parents and the school and that we are bound by it.

5: General
5.1: School Hours

Half Day: 08h00 – 12h30
Full Day: 07h00 – 17h00

5.2: Snacks

Please ensure your child comes with a nutritional lunch pack, e.g.: sandwich, fruit, yogurt, juice etc.
NO sweets, crisp, chocolates, cakes and soft drinks will be allowed.
Learners are fully supervised during snack time.

5.3: Knapsack

Your child is required to have a bag with his or her name clearly labelled on it. Your child will also be required to have an extra set of clothing daily in case of any emergencies. ALL JACKETS, HATS AND CAPS WORN TO SCHOOL MUST BE LABELLED.

5.4: Extra Mural Activities

In order to enhance the quality of your child’s scholastic and cultural abilities Different Strokes offers a variety of extra mural activities. Highly trained specialists in their respective fields offer these services at school on a weekly basis. Dates, times and fees will be confirmed during the first month.

5.5: Personal Belongings – ALL Items to be placed in a labeled cosmetic bag:


• 2x Liquid Hand Soap
• 1x Hand Lotion
• 2x Wet Wipes
• 2x Box of Tissues
• 4x toilet tissues (2ply)
• 1x Hand Sanitize


• 2x Washcloths
• Nail Brush
• Toothbrush and Toothpaste
• Sun Screen/Block
• Sun Hat
• Comb or Brush

Terms & Conditions Of Enrolment

 A refundable deposit to the value of two months fees is payable upon acceptance.We the undersigned _____________________________________________________________________, hereby declare that the information given in the aforementioned application form is both true and correct.

1. The learner’s enrolment will be subject to the conditions stated hereunder or such other conditions which may have been determined by the Board of Governors or their duly authorised representatives (the Board) from time to time.
2. Applications for enrolment will be on the form specified and will be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee in an amount to be determined from time to time and reflected on the application form. A refundable deposit to the value of one months fees is payable upon acceptance.
3. The parents agree to be bound by the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the school, as determined from time to time, and voiced by the Board and/or the Principal.
4. The Principal will act in “loco parentis” (in the place of a parent) whilst the pupil attends Different Strokes Montessori
5. The Conditions of enrolment may be amended upon one term’s written notice.
6. Fees are payable, either annually, termly or monthly, in advance, free of exchange, deduction or set off.
7. Termly and Annual fees must be paid in advance, either via EFT or Credit Card. We do not allow for cash payments.
8. A FULL TERM’S WRITTEN NOTICE must be given when withdrawing a child from the school. This notice should be given on or before the first day of your child’s final term at the school, failing which the full amount of the following term’s fees will become due and payable.
9. I undertake to pay on demand the costs of any repair/replacement of any item, damaged or destroyed by my child during his/her tenure at Different Strokes Montessori
10. I grant authority to allow my child to attend any authorized school excursions, including any outings and any sporting event, whilst as a spectator or participant. 11. The school contract is an OPEN-ENDED CONTRACT and parents need not apply at the school every year. The child will automatically move to the next grade if no WRITTEN FULL TERM’S NOTICE is received.
12. We, the parents/guardian, further agree that in the event of an emergency arising in terms of which the pupil will require urgent medication, the pupil may be taken to the nearest hospital, clinic or doctor at the discretion of the Principal or authorized senior staff member. The parents undertake to accept full responsibility for any medical costs incurred in the event of such an emergency.
13. The parents/guardian hereby indemnify and agree to hold harmless Different Strokes Montessori the Board of Governors, the Principal and Staff, or the authorized agents or representatives of the aforementioned, against any and all claims, howsoever arising, including negligence, arising out of any injury, death, loss, damage, cost or expense, including legal costs, suffered by the learner or a third party as a result of or during the enrolment of the learner at the school.
14. Fees are not all-inclusive, and the school will be reimbursed for all additional expenditure incurred by the school on behalf of the learner.
15. We the parents accept the terms of “Policy regarding payment of Non-refundable Deposit, Fees and Overdue Payments”.
As parents / guardians, we hereby sign below as indication that we have read, understood and accept the School Policy and Terms and Conditions of Enrolment as described in the enrolment form.
We agree that our child’s admission is subject to the above Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

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