Why are preschools so important?

I’ve heard people say that preschools are just a time filler before the ‘real’ learning takes place in school, but this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the time between 2 and 7 years of age is probably the most important developmental phase of all.

Montessori called these years ‘The Sensitive Periods.’ A time when the number of synapses between brain cells doubles. These connections are where learning occurs, which means a two year old can learn at twice the speed of any adult.

So what can we do during these crucial periods to allow our children to flourish in the years that follow?

    • Encourage play
    • Include nature in your routines
    • Use complex language and explain everything
    • Promote Independence
    • Allow your children to fail
    • Read together
    • Count everything
    • Allow all emotions to be experienced
    • encourage healthy lifestyles
    • Have fun together
    • Grow something
    • Allow your child to help with chores

The small window of time that we call preschool, is the most fundamental phase in our children’s educational journey. It’s where they learn to cope and compromise, where they learn to share and understand all that the world offers.


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