If we want to cultivate a community of love, a group of children and families who respect and protect each other, we must model this behaviour ourselves.

It’s takes a village to raise a child and our actions and behaviours are watched closely by the ever absorbent eyes of our children. They watch our every move, mimic our reactions to situations and treat people just as we do.

We must be acutely aware that we are always under observation from our children. There is nothing we can do that will go unnoticed and once we reflect upon that, we start to realise that the education of how to be a good person in this world is not in any text book, YouTube video or worksheet, but within all of us.

“Model the behaviour you wish to view in your child,” and we will see our children grow into the future leaders of this world who lead with passion, love, empathy and understanding.

That change cannot happens soon enough! ❤️

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