What truly makes children happy?

Plastic toys, iPads, consumables and gifts will break, they will be lost, damaged or become outdated, but most of the things that bring true joy to our children’s lives are free. The only currency we will need is time.

Here’s a list of free things that truly make children happy :

A huge pile of dry leaves to run through.

A big puddle to jump into.

A friend waiting for them.

A hand to hold when they get scared.

A silent smile that says “ I notice everything you do, and I’m proud of you.’

A story before bed with a kiss on the forehead.

Listening to the story of their day, no matter how long.

Validating their hopes, dreams and fears.


A family tale about someone who’s not with us anymore.

Making plans together with their choices in mind.

Staying up late once in a while.

Cuddles and squeezes.

Role playing.

Helping with adult jobs and chores.


Painting a picture together and framing it.

Building a den under some sheets and blankets.

Seeing you waiting after school is over with your arms wide open.

Going for a bike ride.

Starting a collection together. (Stones, leaves pebbles.)


‘Happiness is free, it just needs time.’

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