If we educate the mind without educating the heart then the fruits of our labour will be lost.

Children will not remember the time you asked them to complete a worksheet or the time you made them sit in silence to write a story, for these scenarios do not make the heart beat or the mind sing.

Just like adults, children crave experience, they long for their senses to be excited, their brain to flood with emotions.

As teachers, we must encourage effort, we must place risk in front of our students and allow them to attempt the almost impossible, for these are the quests that they will never forget.

Allow them to laugh, to sing and dance. Say ‘Yes’ when they ask you if they can attempt something new. Encourage failure.

Providing our children with a truly safe and predictable learning environment only leads to boredom and lack of independence.

Yes things will go wrong, there will be tears and upset, but from these moments will come great curves of discovery and reflection.

But above all, memories will be etched into the minds of our children. Memories that will last forever.

Oh and if you know a friend who rescues orphaned elephants in the Himalayas, go for a walk with one, you never know, you might make a new best friend like me.


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