One of the most common questions children ask is “Where did I come from?”

And with this question we have an amazing opportunity that allows us to teach our children how important the natural world is, and our role in it.

You see, our culture has dressed up nature as something we as humans must conquer, we must tame it. Hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes. “How can we prevent these from occurring?”

These are symptoms of actions carried out by ourselves and as we know and want our children to understand “Every action has a consequence, direct or indirect.”

Now here comes the interesting part. We need to explain to children that they didn’t come into this world at all, they are the world and to explain this, we imagine the world as a tree and ask the children.

As human beings do you see yourself as a bird landing on the tree as a visitor who can fly away, or an apple that grew from the tree?

Listen to their response?

You see, we are the apples, the tree is our planet and as we grow from our earth we have a responsibility to it. We attract animals and insects that will pollinate us, deliver seeds to the ground to sustain life.

If we see ourselves as the bird, then we can leave, fly away and not care about the consequences.

Let’s be apples,,not birds! ❤️

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