You may think your toddler is relatively dependent and that the things they do around the house don’t matter, but you’d be wrong. Simple actions parents take at home can have a long lasting impact on the way your child enters and is in their first years of school.

Here are 80 life skills you can allow your toddler to carry out at home, setting them up well for their transition to school. Some of them will require a great deal of patience from you, but I promise your patience will pay off in the long run. See how many you can try out this week, click Here!

These activities may seem difficult but just by involving your child in them in some way will model to them exactly how it’s done. It will enable them to learn from your example.

Remember that all the time you spend with your child modeling these activities, use complex language (talk through everything and understand that what is work for you is play for the child).

The greatest moments of education occur through experimentation, conversation and modeling.

Have fun and share it! ❤️

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