Building resilience in children is never easy. Here’s 30 ways to build natural resilience in children:

1. Validate their emotions

2. Encourage routines in the house

3. Let children cry, it’s normal

4. Respect their boundaries

5. Talk about feelings often

6. Give them an emotion diary

7. Teach emotional words

8. Understand that actions are communication

9. Allow them to know their body and how to keep it safe

10. Give them responsibilities

11. Teach healthy eating

12. 1 hour of screen time per day

13. Practise mindfulness together

14. Love them unconditionally

15. Listen first, talk second

16. Provide positive feedback

17. Have family meetings

18. Be on the child’s team

19. Eat together

20. Create family traditions

21. Organise frequent exercise

22. Get outdoors often and get muddy

23. Be bored

24. Promote failure

25. Praise effort, not achievement

26. Use natural consequences

27. Support your child’s friendships

28. Replace yelling with teaching

29. Model honesty and integrity

30. Nurture their gifts and do not try to change them. Let them be who they are.

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