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The birth of a child is a momentous occasion. The constant concern for your child does not end at birth. Life does not always go as expected, and a simple fever would go on to change the course of our lives.

our history

It was a cold winter’s night in 1995 when my eldest son Zubair (5) had his first seizure. The aftermath of Zubair’s epilepsy and degenerative brain diagnosis left us in search for an appropriate schooling environment. To my dismay there were little or no schools available for children with special needs and there was a dire lack of stimulation. In my search to help my son, I found the Montessori approach and thus begin my journey into education. In an effort to enhance Zubairs quality of life we went to various multi disciplinary professionals, this exposure allows me to observe and support parents and children alike. At Different Strokes, we are rooted in community development and social upliftment. We believe in providing an equal opportunity to education for all, regardless of social background or circumstances. As Zubair grew, adulthood presented its own challenges. We went on to establish an NGO sheltered work environment for him and many other adults with intellectual/ physical challenges. The aim of this organisation was to empower people with disabilities and give them a purpose in life…a reason to brace each day. As the years progressed our school grew from an act of love to a fully fledged Montessori preschool in the humble town of Rynsoord, Benoni. Despite a grim prognosis from doctors, twenty-two years later, my son still plays a vital role as the caregiver of the school and his legacy of hope lives on.

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